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Southeast Iowa Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Attorneys

Helping People Get Back On The Road To Freedom

Serving Fairfield, Ottumwa, Iowa City, Mt. Pleasant, Fort Madison & More

If you are unable to meet your financial obligations or are facing a legal challenge in the form of a personal injury, an on-the-job accident or other civil or criminal dispute then you know all too well the stress, anxiety, and confusion that can come with trying to maneuver your legal obstacles and get your life back to normal. The good news is that at the Noyes Law Office in Fairfield we are here to help. Contact our experienced Southeast Iowa personal injury & bankruptcy attorneys today.

Compassionate, Experienced Legal Guidance for Your Legal Challenges

At the Noyes Law Office, we understand exactly the pressures that you and your family are facing, because we have decades of experience in helping Iowans just like you get out from under their legal and financial challenges and back to the lives they were meant to live. Lead attorney Ed Noyes and his staff at the Noyes Law Office are committed to serving the legal needs of residents of Fairfield, Ottumwa, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa City, Knoxville, Oskaloosa, Fort Madison, and Muscatine. Ed has successfully represented clients in Iowa for over 20 years in the areas of bankruptcy, criminal law, personal injury, and all forms of civil disputes.

No one wants to find themselves in need of legal help – whether it be for a bankruptcy filing or to obtain a settlement for an unexpected personal injury – but we are here to provide you with compassionate, experienced legal assistance to get you the financial help you need and are owed under the law. We’ll help you face your challenges without judgment or embarrassment, and work to make sure your return to financial stability is as smooth and simple as possible. Let our Southeast Iowa personal injury & bankruptcy attorneys asssist you.

Bankruptcy Protection and Debt Relief

While no one hopes to find themselves in bankruptcy, the federal and state bankruptcy laws are there to provide people like yourself with fresh financial starts, so that they can emerge from paralyzing debt and continue to play a vital role in our local and national economy. We offer Iowa individuals and businesses legal assistance in getting back on their feet through the following types of proceedings:

  • Chapter 7 – We will work with you to completely discharge all eligible debts through a Chapter 7 filing, meaning you will no longer be responsible on those debts at all. Most Chapter 7 proceedings can be completed within 90 days of filing, and you will receive protection from creditors as soon as you file.
  • Chapter 13 – In a Chapter 13 proceeding, we will work with you to create a plan to pay off your creditors at a reduced rate and on your timing. A Chapter 13 reorganization can be a great option for many individuals who cannot file for Chapter 7 or who would prefer to retain certain assets.
  • Debt Relief – For some parties, avoiding a bankruptcy proceeding is possible through working out agreements directly with creditors which will reduce your obligations and penalties.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on the job in Iowa, your employer is, in most cases, obligated to provide you with compensation for many of your losses, including lost wages, medical bills, and short-term and long-term disabilities. We will work with you to make sure that your employer provides you the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled, and without undue delay.

Personal Injury

We work with injured victims and their families in personal injury matters to obtain full recovery from the wrongdoers who negligently, intentionally, or recklessly caused their injuries. Under Iowa law, a victim wrongfully injured by another is entitled to recovery for the lifetime costs of medical care, all lost wages and reduced income potential, pain and suffering, and other damages in certain cases. At the Noyes Law Office, we work extensively with medical professionals to accurately assess the full extent of your injuries and cost of care so that we can fight for every penny you are owed under the law.

Civil Claims

We represent parties in both bringing and defending civil claims of all types. If you find yourself the subject of a civil claim, call us to discuss what your best legal and financial options may be. We can work with you to defend your claim, and in some cases pursue bankruptcy options in order to resolve any potential obligations on the claim.

A Commitment to Excellence in Client Service

As our client, you are our highest priority at all times. Every time you call our office, you can expect an answer or returned call within 24 hours. We can make personal in-home visits in the case of serious injury. We have the legal expertise, background, and qualified staff to handle your legal matter, and the commitment to your future and freedom to get you the best outcome possible. We handle all Iowa personal injury and bankruptcy matters.

Free Initial Consultation and Flexible Payment Options

At the Noyes Law Office, we offer a free initial legal consultation for all potential clients to discuss your legal issues, your potential options and strategies, and what we can do to get you back on the road to freedom. This consultation may be done over the phone or in person at our office in Fairfield.

During your free consultation, all payment and fee options and guidelines will be fully explained to you. We charge reasonable attorney fees and offer flexible payment plans for all clients who, for whatever reason, may not be in a position to pay up front.

Contact the Noyes Law Office Today to Get Back on the Road to Freedom

To schedule your free one-hour consultation, call the Southeast Iowa personal injury & bankruptcy attorneys at Noyes Law Office today at 641-472-3236 or 800-875-7148 and begin your journey on the road back to financial freedom. Our Iowa injury and debt relief attorneys serve Fairfield, Ottumwa, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa City, Knoxville, Oskaloosa, Fort Madison, Muscatine, Keosauqua, Birmingham, Centerville, Bloomfield, Keokuk, Sigourney, Richland, Burlington, Washington & Columbus Junction, contact us today.

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It's natural to be concerned about the effect bankruptcy may have on your credit score. That's why we offer 7 Steps to 720, an associated program, after bankruptcy. Noyes Law Office is dedicated to your financial freedom and success.



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