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Top Reasons You Should Not Wait Too Long To File Bankruptcy

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Usually, people associate bankruptcy filing with personal and financial failure. Because of this, many debtors try to avoid filing for bankruptcy as much as possible. Debtors often try other options and choose to ignore the possibility that bankruptcy could be their best option. For instance, some debtors cash out their retirement accounts or withdraw… Read More »


4 Mistakes To Avoid After An Iowa Slip And Fall Accident

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

While some slip and fall victims only end up with a few bruises, many sustain severe injuries. In some situations, slip and fall victims have to deal with both physical and emotional trauma that can last for several months or even years. Some individuals cannot even go to work after slipping and falling, and,… Read More »


Bankruptcy Filing: Let Go Of These Negative Thoughts

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Unfortunately, many people struggling with overwhelming debt do not realize that there are options that can allow them to get rid of debt or restructure it. If you are struggling with overwhelming debt and feel like there is nothing you can do to change your situation, you should know that you have options. Chapter… Read More »


Correcting A Police Report After Your Iowa Car Accident

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

After an Iowa car accident, motorists involved in the accident are required to stop close to the accident scene. Failure to stop after an Iowa car accident is an offense. Even when you’re involved in a minor car accident, the law requires you to stop close to the accident scene without putting yourself or… Read More »


Foreclosure Can Cause Health Problems: Bankruptcy Can Help

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

If you fail to make your mortgage payments, you risk losing your home in a process known as “foreclosure.” In Iowa, the foreclosure process usually begins after a mortgage loan is more than 120 days overdue. But in some circumstances, foreclosure can begin sooner. The foreclosure process usually begins when a lender files a… Read More »


4 Warning Signs It Might Be Time For You To Consider Filing For Bankruptcy

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Often, filing for bankruptcy is the last thing people struggling with finances want to do. People avoid bankruptcy for various reasons. For instance, some people avoid bankruptcy because they associate it with failure, and others avoid it because they believe it will damage their credit forever. Indeed, bankruptcy has its downsides. For example, bankruptcy… Read More »


3 Alternatives To Bankruptcy Debtors Should Know About

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Many people struggle with debt without knowing there are ways of dealing with debt. On the other hand, some think that filing for bankruptcy is their only option. While bankruptcy has helped many people regain their financial freedom, there are other strategies that people can employ to get back on their feet. Whether you… Read More »


4 Crucial Steps To Take After An Iowa Slip And Fall Accident

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

After slip and fall accidents, individuals suffer different types of injuries. These different types of injuries send more than one million individuals to hospital emergency rooms every year. Some of the common injuries that occur in slips and falls include; Head injuries Back and spinal cord injuries Shoulder injuries Hip fractures Sprains and fractures… Read More »


Can Bankruptcy Affect Your Current Job Or Chances Of Getting A Job?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Filing for bankruptcy offers you the chance to start over financially. However, as much as every year bankruptcy offers thousands of debtors a chance to start over financially, this opportunity comes with some consequences. If you are considering either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you might be worried about how your decision… Read More »


Some Important Information About Rear-End Collisions

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Different types of car accidents happen on Iowa roads every day. However, some accidents occur more often than others. According to a report compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions happen more often than any other type of collision. The NHTSA believes that rear-end collisions account for approximately 29 percent of… Read More »

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Wrongful death. A 35 year old married mother of two killed.



Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accident.



Settlement for spouse of deceased worker.



Confidential Premises Liability Settlement.



Auto accident with resulting post-concussive head complications.



Injury from work with complications after surgery.



88 year old man rear ended.



Workers Compensation Settlememt. Bilateral carpal tunnel injury.



Read-End Accident with Tinitus Diagnosis.



Injured back.



Workers Compensation and PI Settlement. Slip and Fall with a broken arm and torn rotator cuff



Slip and Fall. Broken leg of a 67 year old.



Slip and Fall. Broken hip of 83 year old woman.



Non-displaced fractured hip.



Aggravation of degeneration disk disease.



Bilateral carpal tunnel.



32 year old man hit while on moped. Contusion resulting in chronic regional pain syndrome.



Fractured wrist and sprained back.



Car vs. Pedestrian. Policy limits for sprained knee.

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