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Will Filing for Bankruptcy Give Me More Time to Get My Home Out of Foreclosure

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you in keeping secured assets such as your home or other real property with an outstanding mortgage. Keep in mind, even a successful Chapter 13 bankruptcy will not eliminate your mortgage debt. But filing for bankruptcy does impose an “automatic stay” that gives you a certain amount… Read More »


Does Iowa Workers’ Compensation Cover Out-of-State Injuries?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

You probably know that if you work for an employer in the State of Iowa and are injured on the job, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. But what if the actual work-related injury occurs outside of the state? Can the employer get out of paying you based solely on where you… Read More »


What Happens When You Negotiate an Auto Accident Settlement with a Negligent Driver’s Insurance Company?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

If you are injured in an auto accident caused by someone else’s negligence–say, a driver runs a red light and hits your car–Iowa law allows you to seek compensation for your damages. In many cases, this means dealing with the negligent driver’s insurance company. These insurers are often quick to offer a settlement, which… Read More »


Do I Need “Medical Evidence” Before Requesting Alternate Care Under Workers’ Compensation?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Unlike many other states, In Iowa the workers’ compensation system allows the employer–not the injured employee–to choose the medical care you receive. If you object to the employer’s choices, or you simply believe your injury requires additional care beyond what the employer says it will provide, you can file a petition for “alternate care”… Read More »


The Consequences of Lying in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Many Iowa residents are forced to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy because they are faced with a large civil judgment they simply cannot pay. While a bankruptcy court can discharge such a debt, it is imperative that the debtor not try to mislead the judge, the bankruptcy trustee, or their own creditors. Bankruptcy requires… Read More »


Iowa Court of Appeals Upholds $127 Million Personal Injury Verdict

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Most personal injury claims are the result of reckless or negligent behavior. But sometimes, personal injury cases are the result of criminal activity. While the criminal justice system focuses on punishing the offender and protecting the public at-large, a civil lawsuit provides victims with the ability to seek compensation directly from their attackers. Defendant… Read More »


Can I Discharge a Co-Signed Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Some debts cannot be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. One of the better-known categories of non-dischargeable debt is student loans. But in fact, it is not impossible to discharge student loan debt. An Iowa bankruptcy court may grant a discharge if forcing the debtor to continue paying the loan would impose an “undue hardship.”… Read More »


Does Signing an Employment Application Mean I’m Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

A critical feature of workers’ compensation in Iowa is that it provides an “exclusive remedy” to a worker injured on the job. Here is what this means in practice. Normally, when you are hurt due to someone else’s negligence you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. But with a work-related injury,… Read More »


Sorting Out Liability for a Multi-Car Highway Accident

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

When more than two vehicles are involved in an auto accident, it can be difficult to sort out legal liability. In the case of a chain-reaction accident–e.g., Driver A rear-ends Driver B, which causes Driver B to hit Driver C–the first driver in the chain (Driver A) can be held responsible to damages sustained… Read More »


Iowa Supreme Court Clarifies Rules for “Idiopathic” Falls and Workers’ Compensation

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Workers’ compensation covers injuries that arise “out of and in the course of employment.” Let’s say you fall off a ladder while performing some maintenance work at your employer’s office. That would clearly be an injury arising out of and in the course of your employment, so your employer would owe you workers’ compensation… Read More »

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Wrongful death. A 35 year old married mother of two killed.



Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accident.



Settlement for spouse of deceased worker.



Confidential Premises Liability Settlement.



Auto accident with resulting post-concussive head complications.



Injury from work with complications after surgery.



88 year old man rear ended.



Workers Compensation Settlememt. Bilateral carpal tunnel injury.



Read-End Accident with Tinitus Diagnosis.



Injured back.



Workers Compensation and PI Settlement. Slip and Fall with a broken arm and torn rotator cuff



Slip and Fall. Broken leg of a 67 year old.



Slip and Fall. Broken hip of 83 year old woman.



Non-displaced fractured hip.



Aggravation of degeneration disk disease.



Bilateral carpal tunnel.



32 year old man hit while on moped. Contusion resulting in chronic regional pain syndrome.



Fractured wrist and sprained back.



Car vs. Pedestrian. Policy limits for sprained knee.

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