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Category Archives: Personal Injury


4 Mistakes To Avoid After An Iowa Slip And Fall Accident

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

While some slip and fall victims only end up with a few bruises, many sustain severe injuries. In some situations, slip and fall victims have to deal with both physical and emotional trauma that can last for several months or even years. Some individuals cannot even go to work after slipping and falling, and,… Read More »


4 Crucial Steps To Take After An Iowa Slip And Fall Accident

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

After slip and fall accidents, individuals suffer different types of injuries. These different types of injuries send more than one million individuals to hospital emergency rooms every year. Some of the common injuries that occur in slips and falls include; Head injuries Back and spinal cord injuries Shoulder injuries Hip fractures Sprains and fractures… Read More »


Was Drowsy Driving The Cause Of Your Accident?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

Drowsy driving is dangerous, and it kills. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, out of the 36,096 people that died in car crashes in 2019, 697 were killed in accidents involving a drowsy driver. Whether tiredness is caused by lack of sleep because of a long and monotonous drive, a newly born… Read More »


3 Mistakes You Need To Avoid After Sustaining A Personal Injury To Ensure You Have A Successful Personal injury Case

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

A car accident, slip and fall accident, or any other type of accident can affect your life in many ways. When you suffer a severe injury such as a severe back injury, for instance, in an accident, you might have to stop going to work for some time. If you stay away from work,… Read More »


How To Communicate Injuries To A Medical Professional After An Accident

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

After being in an accident, you must seek prompt medical treatment to protect your health and well-being. Whether or not you think you are badly hurt, you need to see a medical professional after being in an accident. Putting off seeing a doctor can worsen your injuries. If you plan to file a personal… Read More »


Severe Injuries That Often Result From Motorcycle Accidents

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

According to the NHTSA, thousands of motorcyclists die yearly in fatal traffic crashes. Such statistics indicate that a motorcyclist is bound to walk away with an injury when their motorcycle accident doesn’t lead to death. Unfortunately, most injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are severe. Motorcycles don’t offer the same protection that other vehicles offer,… Read More »


The Best Way of Dealing With Insurance Adjusters After an Iowa Accident

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

A large number of people end up having to deal with insurance claims adjusters at one point in their lives. Suppose you are yet to deal with an insurance adjuster. In that case, it will help if you kept in mind that dealing with an insurance company the day you purchase your insurance policy… Read More »


Where Do I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Iowa?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

If you sustain injuries in a car accident caused by one or more third parties, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages. But where do you actually file such a lawsuit? And does it even matter? To answer the latter question first, it definitely matters. No court may… Read More »


When Is Evidence Considered “Prejudicial” in a Personal Injury Case?

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

When you bring a personal injury case, both you and the defendant have the right to introduce any evidence that might be relevant to resolving any factual disputes–within certain limitations. One of these limitations is that the judge may disallow any otherwise relevant evidence that may be considered “prejudicial.” While there is no hard-and-fast… Read More »


The Role of “Foreseeability” in an Iowa Car Accident Lawsuit

By Noyes Law Office, P.C. |

When you file a personal injury lawsuit based on negligence, you need to prove the defendant violated some legal “duty” owed to you. For instance, in an auto accident, you might show the other driver violated the duty to operate their vehicle in a reasonably safe manner according to local traffic laws. In other… Read More »

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Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accident.



Settlement for spouse of deceased worker.



Confidential Premises Liability Settlement.



Auto accident with resulting post-concussive head complications.



Injury from work with complications after surgery.



88 year old man rear ended.



Workers Compensation Settlememt. Bilateral carpal tunnel injury.



Read-End Accident with Tinitus Diagnosis.



Injured back.



Workers Compensation and PI Settlement. Slip and Fall with a broken arm and torn rotator cuff



Slip and Fall. Broken leg of a 67 year old.



Slip and Fall. Broken hip of 83 year old woman.



Non-displaced fractured hip.



Aggravation of degeneration disk disease.



Bilateral carpal tunnel.



32 year old man hit while on moped. Contusion resulting in chronic regional pain syndrome.



Fractured wrist and sprained back.



Car vs. Pedestrian. Policy limits for sprained knee.

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