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Factors That Can Affect Your Iowa Personal Injury Settlement Timeline


If you have a personal injury case, you probably want it to be settled as soon as possible. We understand that injuries sustained in accidents can be life-changing and you need that check as soon as possible so you can pay for your medical bills or reimburse yourself for the money you’ve already spent on medical bills. If you’ve had to miss work because of your accident, you most likely don’t have an income, and that means you are not in a position to pay your medical bills comfortably.

As personal injury attorneys, we understand your predicament, and we always strive to ensure our clients receive timely compensation. However, you need to note that not all personal injury claims take the same amount of time to settle. Some cases take more time to resolve than others because of various reasons. In case certain factors drag your case, exercise patience, and don’t stop cooperating with your attorney. It would be best for you to avoid accepting a low settlement just because you want a quick payment. When you feel tempted to take less money, think about how much money you might be giving up.

Below is a look at some of the factors that can affect your Iowa personal injury settlement timeline.

Legal or Factual Issues With Your Case

Generally, for a plaintiff to receive compensation, they need to prove liability on the defendant’s part using facts. For instance, if your testimony does not match with some witness testimonies’, you should expect to face some factual issues. If proving liability proves difficult, you might not be able to settle your personal injury claim as quickly as you had hoped.

On the other hand, your case might face legal issues. For instance, if an insurance adjuster believes you don’t have the right to seek compensation, they will most likely keep blocking your requests until the court finds you eligible to sue. The time you’ll spend trying to prove you have the right to sue will delay your settlement.

Whether You Have Reached Maximum Medical Improvement

Your personal injury claim might take a long time to settle if you are still receiving medical treatment. This is because your attorney cannot accurately value your case if you haven’t fully recovered or gotten to a point where your condition cannot improve anymore.

Filing your claim after you’ve reached MMI gives you and your attorney the opportunity to properly value your case because the full extent of your injury is evident.

Whether You Are Eligible For a Huge Amount of Compensation

The extent of your injuries and how the injury has affected your life will determine the compensation you will receive. Your claim might take a long time to settle if your case involves a considerable amount of money. An insurance company can only pay a plaintiff “big money” after conducting a thorough investigation. Also, insurance companies delay making such payments to push plaintiffs to settle for low offers.

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