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Gathering Evidence That Can Help Your Car Accident Lawsuit


Evidence is critical in any personal injury case. It is through evidence that you can prove another person’s negligence caused your injury. Therefore, since the burden of proof always lies on the injured parties, it is up to you as an injured party to collect evidence after your car accident so you can prove negligence on the other party’s side. Gathering, preserving, and arranging helpful evidence in a clear manner can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Below is a look at some of the types of evidence that can help your car accident lawsuit.

Physical Evidence

Just as the name suggests, physical evidence includes any piece of evidence you can see or touch. Car accident lawsuits benefit a lot from physical evidence. It is easier to convince the insurance company or court about the extent of damages or injuries using physical evidence. For example, the physical damage to your car can show how severe the accident was. The clothes you were wearing at the time of the accident can also be helpful physical evidence. Shredded or bloodied clothing can help you prove the severity of your accident and injuries. Therefore, you need to preserve physical evidence after a car accident.

Nonetheless, sometimes, for many reasons, people are unable to preserve physical evidence. If you cannot preserve physical evidence after your car accident, meaning you can’t maintain it exactly as it is, it would be best for you to photograph it immediately after the accident. Ensure you take pictures of your damaged car, clothing, or injuries soon after your accident. Avoid delaying photographing evidence because injuries heal over time, and other damages like car damage, get repaired or modified over time.

With physical evidence, you can refute statements made against you. For example, suppose the defendant’s lawyer claims that the accident was not as serious as you claim. Your damaged car or photographs of your damaged vehicle can help you refute such a statement in such a case.

How To Photograph Evidence

Nowadays, smartphones make it easy for accident victims to take photos after accidents. When photographing your injuries, car, or accident scene, take pictures from different angles. Also, ensure your photos are time-stamped to show that the images are related to your accident.

Witness Statements

Witnesses that might have seen what happened can be of great help to your case. Therefore, gather both written and oral statements from witnesses at the accident scene. Please do this immediately after the accident, as long as you are in a position to do so because witnesses usually forget what they witnessed as time passes. Additionally, it is crucial to collect contact information from witnesses.

Why Is It Important for You To Return To The Accident Scene?

Often, people become disoriented after car accidents. Because of this, you may fail to notice some important things immediately after your accident. Returning to the accident scene after you receive medical attention can help you spot new evidence. For example, you might see a video camera that you hadn’t noticed before. If you spot such evidence, try obtaining footage through the Freedom of Information Act.

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