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Severe Injuries That Often Result From Motorcycle Accidents


According to the NHTSA, thousands of motorcyclists die yearly in fatal traffic crashes. Such statistics indicate that a motorcyclist is bound to walk away with an injury when their motorcycle accident doesn’t lead to death. Unfortunately, most injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are severe. Motorcycles don’t offer the same protection that other vehicles offer, and, for that reason, motorcycle accidents tend to cause severe injuries. For instance, there is no support structure on motorcycles, which usually means that a rider will most likely get into contact with the ground or in an oncoming vehicle in case of an accident.

After being in a motorcycle accident, you must seek medical attention. Failure to seek medical help immediately might lead to permanent damage. Also, you need to seek immediate medical attention after sustaining a severe injury in a motorcycle accident if someone else’s negligence caused your accident to ensure you protect your rights. If you do not seek medical help immediately in such a situation, you might not get the compensation you deserve once you file a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Below is a look at some of the severe injuries people suffer in motorcycle accidents.

Head Injuries

Some of the head injuries that riders suffer in motorcycle accidents include;

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Skull fractures
  • Brain hemorrhaging

Head injuries often have a permanent impact on a victim’s life. For example, a severe traumatic brain injury can permanently affect your ability to lead a normal life.

According to the CDC, even though helmets do not guarantee that you won’t suffer a head injury in a motorcycle accident, they can reduce your chances of sustaining such an injury by 69%.

Road Rash

Generally, road rash occurs when a motorcyclist’s body gets into contact with the ground during a motorcycle accident. When a rider is dragged on the ground during a motorcycle accident, their skin can peel away. The damage sustained in such a case is known as road rash.

There are three degrees of road rash, with the least severe degree being first-degree road rash. When a person sustains first-degree road rash, they generally only experience redness on the part of their body that comes into contact with the ground during their accident. Second-degree road rash is more serious than first-degree road rash and occurs when the top layer of a rider’s skin is scraped from the surface. The most severe is the third-degree road rash, which is associated with the removal of all the skin and even the exposure of bone.

Whether you sustain first-degree or third-degree road rash, seek immediate medical attention because when part of your skin is removed, you risk getting infections.

Face Injuries

Riders who ride their motorcycles with no helmets have a higher risk of sustaining these types of injuries. Some of the common face injuries motorcyclists sustain in accidents include broken jaws, broken cheekbones, and eye Injuries.

A rider might try to protect their face using their hands, but that usually leads to broken arms.

Contact a Southeast Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you suffered either of the discussed severe injuries or any other severe injury in an Iowa motorcycle accident and need help seeking compensation from an at-fault party, speak to a skilled lawyer immediately. Contact a Southeast Iowa personal injury attorney at the Noyes Law Office today to discuss your case.



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