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The Best Way of Dealing With Insurance Adjusters After an Iowa Accident


A large number of people end up having to deal with insurance claims adjusters at one point in their lives. Suppose you are yet to deal with an insurance adjuster. In that case, it will help if you kept in mind that dealing with an insurance company the day you purchase your insurance policy is not the same as dealing with an insurance adjuster after an accident. A person might think that insurance adjusters have their best interest at heart because they were told that the insurance company will always protect them when they purchased their policy; that is a misconception.

Following an accident in Iowa, victims never deal directly with insurance companies. Once you file a claim, an insurance company assigns you an insurance adjuster. An adjuster’s primary duty is to investigate victims’ claims and settle or “adjust” those claims.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters rarely have your best interests at heart when investigating your claim. Insurance companies are businesses just like any other business. Therefore, these companies exist solely to make profits. Insurance companies enjoy it when their clients pay premiums. Unfortunately, when these same clients file compensation claims, insurance adjusters work tirelessly on behalf of insurance companies to ensure they receive as little compensation as possible.

Insurance adjusters investigate claims and then provide insurance companies with reports. After they forward their findings, they are usually free to begin their negotiations with claimants. It might seem like a straightforward process but dealing with insurance adjusters is not as easy as it looks. One mistake could negatively affect the outcome.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with an insurance adjuster from your insurance company or with an adjuster from the other party’s insurance company, the following tips can help you handle the situation well.

Tip One: Never Provide Unnecessary Information To Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters know that accident victims are often scared and in shock after the accident. Most take advantage of this and contact victims shortly after an accident to gather some information they can use against them.

When you receive the first call from an insurance adjuster, avoid volunteering information. It would be best for you to stick to answering only the questions asked. When answering, it is wise to use short answers like “yes” or “no.” Apart from avoiding giving out too much information, claimants must avoid guessing answers to questions. If you do not know or cannot remember something, inform the insurance adjuster.

Tip Two: Never Settle for The First Offer

Most insurance adjusters are experts in their field of work. They have dealt with many insurance claims. Insurance adjusters know that claimants are usually desperate to receive compensation. Because of this, they offer claimants low offers as soon as they can, hoping they accept them. The first offer you receive from an insurance adjuster might seem like a fair one, but that is never the case.

Your attorney should help you calculate all the damages you are entitled to at the appropriate time. Do not let an insurance adjuster trick you.

Here are some other tips to help you when dealing with insurance adjusters;

  • Never admit fault to insurance adjusters.
  • Never lie to insurance adjusters.
  • Avoid discussing your injuries with insurance adjusters.
  • Never tell an insurance adjuster you feel “fine.”

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