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What To Do After a Parking Lot Auto Accident


The National Safety Council reports that 66% of drivers feel it is okay to drive through parking lots while making phone calls. On the other hand, 56% of drivers are comfortable texting while going through parking lots, and 52% see nothing wrong with using social media while driving through parking lots.

Even though drivers understand the dangers of driving while distracted, many assume it is safe to be distracted in parking lots because of the slower speeds. Such a mentality is dangerous, and the fact is that distracted driving is never safe, regardless of the driver’s speed. Generally, a distracted driver is always a threat to themselves, passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians.

Being involved in a parking lot accident is just as stressful as being involved in a highway accident. The experience can leave you with severe injuries that negatively impact your life. When involved in a parking lot accident, you need to follow the following steps to ensure you properly handle the situation. Regardless of whether you are a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, following these steps will help you get the best outcome if you decide to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver.

What Should You Do After a Parking Lot Accident in Iowa?

Injuries sustained from auto accidents negatively affect victims’ lives. Because of this, it is only fair that victims claim compensation when other people’s negligence causes their injuries. Nonetheless, if you do not act wisely after an auto accident, you might ruin your chances of succeeding in your case.

Follow these steps after your Iowa parking lot accident to ensure you can build a strong car accident claim.

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention and Inform Law Enforcement About the Accident

Immediately after an auto accident, call an ambulance and law enforcers. Even if you think you do not have any injury, you should receive immediate medical attention. If you fail to seek medical attention because you assume you are fine, you might discover when it’s too late that you suffered an injury, and it may negatively affect your lawsuit.

Calling law enforcers to the accident scene helps with the investigation. However, remember not to share with law enforcers information that can negatively affect your case.

Step 2: Collect the Negligent Driver’s Information and Gather Evidence

You should obtain from the driver that hit you their name, address, license, and other necessary information. You also need to share with them information about yourself. Also, gather evidence that can be helpful to your case. The best way to gather evidence is by taking photos. In case there are witnesses, collect necessary information from them as well. All the information and evidence gathered comes in handy when dealing with insurance companies and in lawsuits.

Step 3: Contact Your Attorney

You might be tempted to contact your insurance company after seeking medical attention and collecting information and evidence, but it would be best if you reached your attorney first. Your attorney can speak to your insurance company or the negligent driver’s insurance company on your behalf. If you talk to insurance companies without expert help, you might unknowingly ruin your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Contact a Southeast Iowa Auto Accident Lawyer Today

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